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ISO 27001

Infinite MLM Software powered by iOSS (Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP) is ISO 27001 certified. ISO certification validates Infinite Open Source Solution LLP’s commitment to security, best-in-class service delivery, and validates our clients’ trust.

As a requirement of ISO 27001 information security following are the details we have executed to protect your data.

These policies include:

  • An information security policy
  • A risk management policy
  • Secure development policy
  • Outsourced development policy
  • Protecting application services transactions
  • An organization information security policy
  • An access control policy
  • An operations security policy
  • A documented information policy
  • Physical and environmental security policies
  • An information security incident management policy
  • An information security aspect of business continuity policy
  • A data management policy
  • A supplier relationships policy
  • A compliance policy

Our security and compliance department works to enhance the procedures and policies on a regular basis in order to improve our internal and external security.

The ISO certification offers our clients complete peace of mind concerning the safety of their information, moreover strengthens our pledge to unfailingly protect the information assets of our clients from any threat to their confidentiality, integrity and availability, and reasserts the quality and dependability of our services and solutions.

With all the above-mentioned implementations and processes, you can be assured that your data is secure with us.

You can also view the certificate here.

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