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Unilevel MLM Software Demo – A Step By Step Guide

Hope you all know about the easiest MLM plan. Yes! you are right, it is the Unilevel MLM Plan. Unilevel MLM Plan is the simple and convenient MLM plan where the width is unlimited i.e the unlimited downlines for each member is on the same frontline.

Explore more to know the Working of Unilevel MLM Plan with leading MLM Software Provider

Are you in search of perfect and simple Unilevel MLM software which assists in implementing the Unilevel MLM plan? You are in the right place

Here in this writing, you will be able to see the step by step guide on using our Unilevel MLM Software.

Step By Step Guide On Using Unilevel MLM Software Demo

Simple login

Visit Infinite MLM Software and click on Demo Menu and go to Preset Demo Sub menu as shown in the below screenshot

You will be able to view various MLM Plans with Admin and User modules. Select the Unilevel MLM software and the particular module to log in to Unilevel MLM Software.

Try out Free Unilevel MLM Software Demo to understand in depth about this software

The Important Features Of Unilevel MLM software

Below are the few important features of Unilevel MLM software that enhance the Unilevel MLM software.

#1. Simple and User-Friendly Dashboard

After logging into the software, a simple and user-friendly dashboard is displayed It displays the following for easy understanding of the entire MLM business.

  • Total Ewallet amount
  • Number of sales happened
  • The Total Payout
  • The number of mails
  • Joining details in the graphical view
  • Product membership details
  • To-Do List
  • Top Earners List
  • The number of users followed in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Top Recruiters and new members list

#2. Downline structure view

It shows the various structural view of the downlines like graphical representation i.e Genealogy tree, Tabular Representation, and Unilevel List

  • Genealogy Tree
  • It represents a graphical view of the downlines. By clicking on the member you can view the downlines of the member and by clicking the up arrow it shows the upline

  • Tabular Tree
  • It shows the tabular representation of the downlines

  • Unilevel list
  • By selecting the username and the level, you will be able to view the downlines at the particular level of the selected user.

#3. E-Wallet Management

The Unilevel MLM software manages the complete E-wallet transactions like Withdrawal status, Fund transfer, E-wallet balance report, Credit/ Debit details, E-wallet summary details, User earnings, etc

#4. Payout /Report Management

  • Payout Management
  • It allows releasing the Payout to the members and you will be allowed to choose the payment method listing the integrated payment gateways. It also displays the payout released during certain period.

  • Report Management
  • It shows various reports like monthly revenues, commission report, Payout released report, Purchase, Transaction error, Rank performance, Rank achievers, Total bonus, Joining details and many other reports

#5. Member and Package Management

This feature helps to manage the members by searching and listing the members, viewing the profile of the members, activating the membership, Blocking/Unblocking the members, managing the member password /KYC details, and updating the point volume ( PV)

#6. Integrated Cart

The cart is integrated to buy the products and also to update the cart with the product details like quantity and PV

#7. System/ Mail Configuration/Menu Permission Settings

Settings options to configure all the settings like system settings, Mail Configuration, Menu Permissions, Company profile and content management.

  • System Settings
  • Settings to configure signup, compensation, rank, payout, currency, E-Pin, SMS settings, tooltip, etc.

  • Mail Configuration
  • To configure the mail settings

  • Menu Permission
  • To configure the menu permissions for the users, admin and employees

#8. Support Centre-Ticketing System

Unilevel MLM software is integrated with Ticketing system to manage the queries raised by the users via the ticketing tool Support centre. The queries raised can also be assigned as a task to the respective team by the admin.

#9. CRM- Customer Relationship Management

This feature is to manage the leads visiting the page. It is used to add, view and edit lead information. It also have a seperate dashboard to display the Total Ongoing leads, Total Accepted Leads, Total Rejected Leads, Missed Follow up details, and Recent Lead Added.

#10. Integrated SMS/ Mailbox

Unilevel MLM software is integrated with SMS to send SMS to all members or any particular member.The Mailbox is used to compose and receive the mails

#11. Promotional Tools

Admin can use the promotional tools to add text invite, Banner invite , and social media invite. The same invite can be seen from the user end and the same can be used for promotion.

#12. User Activity History

With this feature, it becomes very easy to track the activities of the user like user login/logout by entering the username and the IP address.

For making it easier, we have made a video explaining how to set up unilevel MLM Software Demo, check out from here

Why To Choose Unilevel MLM software

  • Customized Software as per the client requirement
  • Unilevel plan structure is simple and easy to understand via graphical, tabular representation
  • Effective Software to calculate the commissions and managing the corresponding reports and payouts
  • All the necessary settings to manage the system settings, permissions, mail configurations, etc
  • Effective in managing the wallet transactions
  • Integrated with ticketing system, CRM, SMS, Promotional tools, Mailbox, etc
  • Easy to track the user activities.


Hope in this article you will be able to find the step by step guide to understand the Unilevel MLM software with the included important features and benefits.

Try our Unilevel MLM software demo and watch the related video for better understanding of our Unilevel MLM Software.

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