Unilevel MLM Software Demo – A Step By Step Guide

unilevel mlm software demo

Hope you all know about the easiest MLM plan. Yes! you are right, it is the Unilevel MLM Plan. Unilevel MLM Plan is the simple and convenient MLM plan where the width is unlimited i.e the unlimited downlines for each member is on the same frontline.

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Are you in search of perfect and simple Unilevel MLM software which assists in implementing the Unilevel MLM plan? You are in the right place

Here in this writing, you will be able to see the step by step guide on using our Unilevel MLM Software.

Step By Step Guide On Using Unilevel MLM Software Demo

Simple login

Visit Infinite MLM Software and click on Demo Menu and go to Preset Demo Sub menu as shown in the below screenshot

You will be able to view various MLM Plans with Admin and User modules. Select the Unilevel MLM software and the particular module to log in to Unilevel MLM Software.

Try out Free Unilevel MLM Software Demo to understand in depth about this software

The Important Features Of Unilevel MLM software

Below are the few important features of Unilevel MLM software that enhance the Unilevel MLM software.

#1. Simple and User-Friendly Dashboard

After logging into the software, a simple and user-friendly dashboard is displayed
It displays the following for easy understanding of the entire MLM business.

  • Total Ewallet amount
  • Number of sales happened
  • The Total Payout
  • The number of mails
  • Joining details in the graphical view
  • Product membership details
  • To-Do List
  • Top Earners List
  • The number of users followed in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Top Recruiters and new members list

#2. Downline structure view

It shows the various structural view of the downlines like graphical representation i.e Genealogy tree, Tabular Representation, and Unilevel List

  • Genealogy Tree
  • It represents a graphical view of the downlines. By clicking on the member you can view the downlines of the member and by clicking the up arrow it shows the upline

  • Tabular Tree
  • It shows the tabular representation of the downlines

  • Unilevel list
  • By selecting the username and the level, you will be able to view the downlines at the particular level of the selected user.

#3. E-Wallet Management

The Unilevel MLM software manages the complete E-wallet transactions like Withdrawal status, Fund transfer, E-wallet balance report, Credit/ Debit details, E-wallet summary details, User earnings, etc

#4. Payout /Report Management

  • Payout Management
  • It allows releasing the Payout to the members and you will be allowed to choose the payment method listing the integrated payment gateways. It also displays the payout released during certain period.

  • Report Management
  • It shows various reports like monthly revenues, commission report, Payout released report, Purchase, Transaction error, Rank performance, Rank achievers, Total bonus, Joining details and many other reports

#5. Member and Package Management

This feature helps to manage the members by searching and listing the members, viewing the profile of the members, activating the membership, Blocking/Unblocking the members, managing the member password /KYC details, and updating the point volume ( PV)

#6. Integrated Cart

The cart is integrated to buy the products and also to update the cart with the product details like quantity and PV

#7. System/ Mail Configuration/Menu Permission Settings

Settings options to configure all the settings like system settings, Mail Configuration, Menu Permissions, Company profile and content management.

  • System Settings
  • Settings to configure signup, compensation, rank, payout, currency, E-Pin, SMS settings, tooltip, etc.

  • Mail Configuration
  • To configure the mail settings

  • Menu Permission
  • To configure the menu permissions for the users, admin and employees

#8. Support Centre-Ticketing System

Unilevel MLM software is integrated with Ticketing system to manage the queries raised by the users via the ticketing tool Support centre. The queries raised can also be assigned as a task to the respective team by the admin.

#9. CRM- Customer Relationship Management

This feature is to manage the leads visiting the page. It is used to add, view and edit lead information. It also have a seperate dashboard to display the Total Ongoing leads, Total Accepted Leads, Total Rejected Leads, Missed Follow up details, and Recent Lead Added.

#10. Integrated SMS/ Mailbox

Unilevel MLM software is integrated with SMS to send SMS to all members or any particular member.The Mailbox is used to compose and receive the mails

#11. Promotional Tools

Admin can use the promotional tools to add text invite, Banner invite , and social media invite. The same invite can be seen from the user end and the same can be used for promotion.

#12. User Activity History

With this feature, it becomes very easy to track the activities of the user like user login/logout by entering the username and the IP address.

For making it easier, we have made a video explaining how to set up unilevel MLM Software Demo, check out from here

Why To Choose Unilevel MLM software

  • Customized Software as per the client requirement
  • Unilevel plan structure is simple and easy to understand via graphical, tabular representation
  • Effective Software to calculate the commissions and managing the corresponding reports and payouts
  • All the necessary settings to manage the system settings, permissions, mail configurations, etc
  • Effective in managing the wallet transactions
  • Integrated with ticketing system, CRM, SMS, Promotional tools, Mailbox, etc
  • Easy to track the user activities.


Hope in this article you will be able to find the step by step guide to understand the Unilevel MLM software with the included important features and benefits.

Try our Unilevel MLM software demo and watch the related video for better understanding of our Unilevel MLM Software.

Karatbars Review – Is it Scam or Legit MLM Company?

Karatbars Review

Karatbars – Is it an MLM scam or an another opportunity?

Let’s see. Selling something very much precious isn’t that easy. And especially Gold!

Yes that’s what Karatbars do. They sell gold bullions of high purity. We can have a quick look for the complete & genuine Karatbars review to check whether it is a scam or another gold scam.

Karatbars International Review

Company Name: Karatbars International
Type: Private
Industry: Multi Level Marketing
Founder Harald Seiz
Head Quarters Stuttgart, Germany
Products Gold
website https://www.karatbars.com

Is Karatbars actually an MLM? Well, what the company infers them is an e-commerce establishment with an affiliate program. And what’s the difference?

In MLM, you are basically supposed to buy products. But in Karatbars, there is no necessity to buy any products. Even though this is the case, they operate like an MLM. And hence, it would be suitable to call them a network marketing company that sells gold and gift items in gold bullion.

What does Karatbars International Sell?

Karatbars delivers small gold bullions of purity of 24 karat 999.9 % gold. Usually, these bullions are of just 1 gram in weight. They are fully insured and shipped to our address with reliable, and fast delivery. These gold bars are produced at Atasay in Turkey.

Each and every gold bar consists of a trademark symbol and the imprint of the quality checking firm. Hologram stickers are also provided on the reverse side of the plastic card for security purposes.

Karatbars’ Most Popular Products

Classic cards is one of the most popular products of the Karatbars. Classic cards are one gram Gold pieces fixed onto a card of utmost quality.

Why they are so particular about these small sized or weighted objects?

The answer according to them is that such objects are more easy to transact and
makes a potential means of exchange and payment.

Another exciting product from the Karatbars group is the Collector Karatbar.

Collect Karatbars are also cards which have gold nuggets embedded in them. Collect Karatbars are for those crazy collectors. Their special collections include those in name of famous athletes, historical events and of famous celebrities.

Some of them are also limited editions, and their price would definitely rise over time.

How much does it cost to join Karatbars?

There is literally no cost to join Karatbars International, or it’s absolutely free! And in case if you wish to buy any compensation, then you will be needing to buy one of the starter packages under their plans.

karatbars International packages

Their different starter packages of the Karatbars International group are:

  • Bronze ($135),
  • Silver ($ 350),
  • Gold ($800),
  • VIP Package ($2000)

The packages is what determines the amount you will earn per cycle.

For example, with the Bronze package, you will earn about $10. With the VIP package you can earn over $100!

Is Karatbars a scam or another MLM opportunity?

Karatbars sells a genuine and legitimate product. They are registered under the WTO (World Trade Organization). Also, they have strictly followed the rules and regulations the gold industry demands, till now! And hence, it is definitely an opportunity but there are far better opportunities out there.

Karatbars Revenue

According to Inc.com, Karatbars’ revenue is estimated to be between $10 million to $100 million. Karatbars International have about 5 lakh distributors which is spread over the globe.

Karatbars Products

Karatbars sells gold bars and gift items in gold bullion in the following denominations:

  • One gram
  • 2.5 grams
  • 5 grams

And if you are planning to exchange your gold back for currency, you can do so with Karatbars at their “daily guaranteed buyback price” or at any registered K-Exchange centre.

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Karatbars Compensation Plan

The seven different ways through which an affiliate can earn income from the Karatbars’ compensation plan are through the given below processes:

  • Direct commissions
  • Unilevel Bonus,
  • Generation Bonus,
  • Package Bonus,
  • Dual Team Bonus,
  • Karatbars Pool,
  • Karatbars Gold Fund.

Here, the package commission is paid out to the affiliates each time they sell a new package to an affiliate they have recruited. And it is as given below:

  • Silver package commission: $26
  • Bronze package commission: $60
  • Gold package commission: $150
  • VIP package commission: 20% or $400

There are mainly 12 affiliate ranks in the Karatbars’ Compensation Plan. The independent business owners or the affiliates get a fixed percentage of the amount as the unilevel commission based on their ranks, whenever the agents below them spent money.

For instance, the lowest rank holder, Distributor, doesn’t qualify for unilevel commissions.
But the affiliates with ranking above the Distributors can generate a unilevel commission between 0.5 – 5.5 % depending upon their respective ranks! The commission percentage increases by 0.5% with each rank increase. And in binary commission it is offered in a binary format, which is paid out generationally.

For example, if an affiliate’s team achieves 50 units in sales (the Bronze package, for example, is 50 units) on one leg and 25 units on the other leg, then they are eligible for a commission of:

  • 40 EUR – if someone from their downline purchases a package of Bronze
  • 60 EUR – if someone from their downline purchases a package of Silver
  • 80 EUR – if someone from their downline purchases a package of Gold

The above mentioned are the main forms of payout procedures followed in the Karatbars compensation plan.

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Some Cons of Karatbars International

  • Karatbars’ Gold is overpriced
  • Karatbars Gold is overpriced compared to its other competitors in the sector. Apart from the higher amount, they also charge an amount as shipping charges.

  • Unrealistic and Exaggerated Earnings Projections
  • The earnings projected by the company seems a little exaggerated and unrealistic.

  • Online reviews about Karatbars are not upto the mark.
  • There are a lot of negative reviews about Karatbars International out there in the internet. So it’s always advisable to think twice before opting for any decision

    Final Verdict

    After going through Karatbars review, we hope you got a crystal clear idea about this MLM Company. Expanding your MLM portfolio by adding one of the precious metals that we have on this earth is always a wise decision.

    Karatbars International is one of the rare MLM companies which offers Gold as their product. But if you are entering into this sector for reaping the maximum benefits, then there are a lot of other better options out there.

    Yes, definitely karatbars do have a lot of their own positives like excellent training, premium quality product etc. But it is advisable to research on the other options available in the MLM thoroughly and choose the best one which is apt for your successful MLM career.

    To succeed in your MLM business, it is the need of the hour to build an MLM software, so that you can manage your network marketing business smoothly.

    Why Data Security Is Important For MLM Software

    Data Security in MLM Software

    Data security is to be integrated with any kind of software and have you ever thought why data security is important for MLM Software.

    MLM software is the software to manage your MLM business effectively and data security is important to maintain the MLM software in many ways.

    Avail the full featured MLM Software designed for MLM Business

    In this article, we will see the importance of data security in MLM software.

    Multi-Level Marketing Confines To Security

    As we all know that multi-level marketing is usually based on the product sale, it is highly dependent on the e-commerce practice to make the sale through online and to promote the business.

    Business activities via an e-commerce platform involves many activities like processing orders, processing credit card payments, storing and maintaining the user or customer data.

    As these data are more prone to fraudulent activities, they should always be stored in encrypted format and it is good to avoid storing in the plain format. Multi-level marketing also involves storage requirements like storing the data of the distributors, downlines, commission plan, and payment details.

    So the MLM companies and the integrated E-commerce platform need to meet the security standards for storing and maintaining the customer’s data, all the financial transaction data, all the MLM related data

    Software Security Features of MLM Software

    MLM Software security features

    The basic security features of the MLM software that should be included are as follows:

    • SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) Encryption
    • PCI DSS-Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
    • IP (Internet Protocol) blocking
    • DDoS- Denial Of Service
    • Encryption of Database
    • Encryption of Password
    • Backup-Database

    #1. SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) Encryption

    SSL is Security based technology for maintaining the encrypted data via the link between the web browser and the webserver.

    Host provider provides the SSL certificate and the same has to be installed for implementing SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) encryption.

    Why SSL?

    This encrypted link ensures data security and prevents unauthorized data access.

    How to understand the website implemented SSL?

    You can understand the same from the website address bar. The address indicates https:// in the address bar of the website. The website without SSL indicates http:// in the address bar of the website and it shows that it is an insecure website.

    If the customer submits any of the data related to his credit card details, it means the data is transferred between the server and the client in the plain format and it is prone to unauthorized access or hacking.

    #2. PCI DSS-Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

    The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Security Standard ) is a standard for the security required by all the suppliers of the credit card.

    Card suppliers should be PCI compliant. This standard should be followed by all the organizations which process, store or transfer the cardholder details or data. So the MLM software and the websites must comply with PCI

    PCI compliance is a process which is continuous and it is defined by the PCI Security Standards Council and the steps involved in the PCI compliance are as follows:


    To identify the security vulnerabilities, the defined business processes for processing the card and the list of the IT assets of the suppliers.


    Resizing the storage of cardholder data to confine what is required for storing to rectify and prevent the vulnerabilities


    The reports are compiled after regular security monitoring to obtain the card suppliers.

    Why PCI?

    Its main theme is to prevent fraudulent activities involved in this. PCI Security Standards Council administers the PCI standard. If anyone is not PCI compliant, you may lose eligibility to accept payments via credit card completely and also need to face the charged fine.

    #3. IP Blocking

    IP refers to Internet protocol, which is provided by the cloud service providers and the software.

    Why IP Blocking?

    This IP blocking service is used by the organization to block a group of people or the individual to access your website. IP blocking is important in case of data security, in case of any fraudulent activities monitored, the IP can be blocked. The same capability should be offered by your MLM software to block any IP or a range of IP’s

    #4. DDoS-Denial Of Service

    DDoS refers to a Distributed Denial Of Service Attack. It is a service attack and not the security feature.

    Why DDoS to be taken care?

    Any security feature to be included in your MLM software to prevent this cyber attack. This attack prevents the customers to access your website and it temporarily blocks the website access by increasing the illegal traffic to the websites.

    This cyber will make the website to respond slowly due to illegitimate heavy traffic produced by hackers. Thus the MLM software should follow certain actions or plan to implement any security feature to overcome this DDoS attack.

    #5. Encryption of Database

    To prevent the data from being vulnerable to any malicious activities or fraudulent activities, your MLM software should implement strong encryption techniques.

    NSA (National Security Administration) defines the rules and regulations to store the data of credit card.

    Why Encryption of Database?

    To avoid storing credit card data in the plain format, the encryption techniques will be useful. It should be taken care to store the security code of the credit card data in the encrypted format. Overall the database will be secured with encrypted data.

    #6. Encryption of Password

    In the MLM software, the password you enter in any part of the application should be in the encrypted format. Make sure that the software provider uses MD5 encryption technique to store the password in the encrypted format.

    Why Encryption Of Password?

    If the passwords are stored in the plain format, then it is more prone to hacking or any fraudulent activities to obtain unauthorized access to the accounts of the customer and the distributors. They can also be able to access the admin account where it affects the entire business operations.

    #7. Backup-Database

    Backup also falls under the security measures to be taken in your MLM software.

    Why Backup-Database?

    If the entire data related to your customers, distributors, commission payments, commission plan, merchant account, product details are lost, then it will affect your MLM business drastically.

    To restore the data in case of any data loss, you need to have a backup of MLM software.
    MLM software should offer the daily or weekly backup of the data to avoid data loss.


    Finally, in this article, you will be able to understand why data security is important for MLM software. Ensure that the MLM software provider is taking care of these security features and the same is implemented with the advanced encryption techniques to promote your MLM business more securely.

    Data security is indispensable in MLM software to enhance the overall business productivity by securing the data of the customer and the organization. Wisely choose the MLM software provider to secure your customer and organization data of MLM business.

    Why PHP MLM Software? A Study

    PHP MLM Software

    PHP MLM Software

    PHP MLM Software has always been the top pick since the network marketing industry has been integrated or made simpler with them! But have you ever thought, why?

    Definitely, there may be a lot of reasons for both the software developed on PHP platform as well as the PHP language itself.

    Get the Top Notch PHP MLM Software to start up Network Marketing Business

    Well, that’s the main topic which we are going to discuss here in this blog. It’s not a detailed study, but we will cover up some of the main areas dealing with the same!

    As mentioned above, there are certain things that makes the PHP programming language the most favorite for developing a backend for different softwares!

    To know the reason read below.

    Advantages of PHP Programming Language

    Why you should specifically choose the MLM software based on the PHP platforms? They do have certain advantages over other programming languages.

    Let us check below.

    • PHP supports cross platforms

      PHP is a server-side scripting language that can be run on multiple platforms without any hassles. PHP codes can be run on almost all operating systems. Another addition to the point as above-mentioned is that hosting service providers for PHP based services can be easily found over the internet!

    • Speed

      A very important thing that you have to consider while developing a custom application is its response time. Speed is a quotient that determines the user-friendliness of your MLM software.
      A quick loading website or software application will be always appreciated and more and more customers will definitely choose your services compared to others!

    • Highly Stable

      The PHP programming language is a highly stable one when compared to its counterparts. It was developed almost twenty-five years ago and hence a lot of addition and corrections have been made to the programming language. A lot of bugs were found and fixed during its course of travel. So it’s far stable and perfect for supporting a lot of features.

    • Its Open Source and Have a Powerful Library Support

      PHP language is an open source programming language, that means anyone who is experienced in the language can make the necessary additions, can enhance its library functions, etc. Some of the exciting functionalities supported by the language include Graphics, PDF, etc.

    Explore the MLM Software Technology used to develop perfect PHP MLM Software

    Why to choose PHP MLM Software?

    Choose PHP MLM Software

    Well, before getting into the reasons for choosing a PHP MLM software, it would be better to write down a famous quote found somewhere, and it goes like this:

    “Cutting edge technology helps you to stay ahead of the competition.”

    The above given quote alone showcases the importance of choosing the latest and advanced technologies to stand apart in your business. There are a lot more reasons for choosing PHP based MLM software, which are mentioned below.

    • A perfect Handy Solution to Run Your Business

      A PHP based MLM software helps to choose the best packages according to your budget constraints. If it’s a corporate-like company, then there will be a list of high-end features at really competitive prices.

      Try out a free MLM Software Demo and you can get the real feel of the same!

    • Quick and In-time Delivery

      A network marketing software will be providing you all the necessary and effective tools so that it makes it easy to deliver your products and services at a much faster rate as compared to the traditional approach.

    • Round the Clock Services

      An online approach of the network marketing software makes it sure that your customers can approach you whenever they feel. Since its online round the clock, the customers can buy the different MLM products offered by your company.

    • Safe and Secure Storing of Databases

      A well built MLM software makes it sure that all the records they have to deal during their direct selling business are stored safely and securely. It should be developed on the latest technological advancements so that it makes the data secure all the time.

    • Saves Money and Time

      An MLM software makes the overall process of managing your direct selling business easy with saving a lot of time and money as well! It has been found out that implementing PHP based MLM software saves the running cost up to 50 percent. Isn’t that really interesting?

    • Flexible, Scalable and Entirely Reliable

      The PHP MLM software built nowadays is highly flexible, scalable, and reliable.
      These are the major qualities that anyone would look after so that it can be altered in the future according to the varying requirements of the direct selling companies.

      So this adds as another reason to opt a PHP based MLM software so that you can run your business smoothly and efficiently.

    Final Verdict

    PHP is one of the most sought after programming languages for developing various applications.
    It is basically used to develop the back end applications which support some brilliant front-end software products.

    We have mentioned above the positive aspects of owning a product developed based on PHP based frameworks. So choose a perfect PHP MLM software for your network marketing business. It will be helping you to execute your ideas related to the network marketing business ideally.

    Top 7 MLM Software Companies in Malaysia

    MLM Software malaysia

    MLM Software malaysia

    MLM business is the most alluring business to have financial freedom. Most of the entrepreneurs try to establish their business as lucrative as possible but it is highly possible with the proper implementation of MLM software.

    Yes, to make your MLM business successful you need to wisely choose the MLM software provider. This article will be really helpful for the one who is looking for MLM software providers in Malaysia.

    Nurture Your Network Marketing Business with Reliable MLM Software

    Hope you all know that Malaysia is very popular for its direct selling business or network marketing business. It has over 30 years of experience in this MLM industry. They always have a positive approach towards direct selling business.

    Throughout these long years, they started developing software providers and this revolutionary change had a surge in the growth of MLM business.

    In this article, we will look into the top MLM software providers in Malaysia.

    List of Top MLM Softwares Malaysia

    #1. Uwon Technologies

    Uwon Technology Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian based MLM company provides its extensive support in providing multi-level marketing or network marketing software for its clients.

    Uwon technology was founded in the year 2008. Almost they have around 10 years of experience in MLM software development.

    This software mainly helps to calculate all the complex MLM calculations involved in the MLM plans and commissions.

    They have also successfully extended their services to their clients located in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

    Uwon technology is also listed in the top list of MLM software providers in Malaysia due to their exclusive support to bring up the latest technology involved in developing MLM software.

    Website of this Malaysian MLM software provider is https://malaysia-mlm-software.com

    #2. Teclutions

    Teclusions is one of the top MLM software companies in Malaysia and they possess 18 years of experience in developing MLM software for their clients or network marketing industries.

    Their MLM software support ranges from startup to large scale industries in these 18 years.
    Other services supported by Teclutions are MLM license, MLM consultation, Domain registration, Web hosting, providing SSL certificate, content management system, web designing, web development, e-commerce integration.

    Website link of this Malaysian MLM software provider is https://www.teclutions.com

    #3. Signature

    Signature is one of the top MLM software providers in Malaysia. They possess around 10 years of experience in developing MLM software for network marketing industries and to their clients.

    They provide software with different features to increase the efficiency of the MLM software.
    They offer other services like MLM license, E-commerce integration, Content management system, customization of the software with all the available features of MLM software.

    Website link of this Malaysia MLM software provider is https://signature.com.my

    #4. MLM software Malaysia

    MLM software Malaysia is one of the top MLM software providers in Malaysia. It was founded in the year 2006. Though they have only 8 years of experience when compared to other MLM software providers, they have supported with more than 1000 MLM software.

    Within a short span of time, they have galloped their own space in the MLM or network marketing industry. It is adopted by a huge number of clients due to their affordable service with support for managing and monitoring MLM software.

    Other Add on features of the MLM software provided by the company are Autoship & logistics, Inventory Management System, Franchise Software, Billing & Accounts Software, E-mail software, wallet system, support system, payment gateway integration, etc

    Website link of this MLM software provider is https://www.mlmsoftwaremalaysia.com

    #5. Syscatech

    Syscatech is one of the topmost MLM Software Providers in Malaysia. Syscatech was founded in the year 2002. Almost they possess around 16 years of experience in developing MLM software. Syscatech is ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

    Throughout these 16 years, they have extended their exclusive support to another 20 countries successfully. They support more than 300 customers globally with design, implement and support of their MLM software.

    Website link of this MLM software provider is https://syscatech.com


    #6. Houlevard

    Houlevard Consultancy is one of the leading MLM software providers in Malaysia. Their support for MLM software ranges from startup to large scale industries. With MLM software support, the services of Houlevard includes MLM business advisory, MLM license a[pplication, Product registration and acquisition, Product Liability Insurance, Legal consulting, Trademark registration, Web development, and services.

    Website link of this MLM software provider is https://www.houlevard.com

    #7. Flexon Data

    Flexon Data is one of the top MLM software providers in Malaysia. They have almost 5 years of experience in developing software for their clients.

    They too serve the requirements ranging from small scale to large scale industries.
    Other services of Flexon Data includes Investment management system, Cryptocurrency Mining, Client Management, Custom Software Development for SMEs, Sale Commission Software.

    Website link of this MLM software provider is https://www.flexondata.com

    Explore more to find out the best MLM Software based on MLM Software Capterra Reviews


    Hope in this article, you will be able to find the top MLM software providers in Malaysia. Since Malaysia is one of the trendsetter countries for MLM business, people looking for any MLM business opportunity in Malaysia will find this article informative.

    There is “n” number of MLM software development companies in Malaysia but here it is listed based on the user rating, user feedback, quality of the services provided and the year of experience in the MLM software development.

    As per your requirements and your budget you can wisely choose the MLM software Malaysia providers from the above list.

    Binary vs Matrix MLM Compensation Plan

    Binary vs Matrix MLM Plan

    Binary vs Matrix MLM Plan

    When Comparing Binary vs Matrix MLM Compensation Plan – Which one do you prefer for your MLM business?

    As a two sides of a coin, both Binary and Matrix MLM Compensation Plan has its own pros and cons. Well, we will discuss about the respective compensation plans in this blog. And its upto you to decide among one.

    But actually what are these compensation plans made for?

    MLM compensation plans are the ones that determines the benefits that a network marketing company provides to its customers.

    Design a perfect MLM Compensation plan with Infinite MLM Software

    Binary compensation plan is what that allows us to add only two people under the sponsor’s downline. And the Matrix compensation plan is a little different from this.

    Let us see down below.

    Understanding In Depth About Binary MLM Plan & Forced Matrix MLM Plan

    #1. Binary MLM Compensation Plan

    The major role of a compensation plan is to deliver a portion (which can differ according to the network marketing company you work for) of the profit or sales made to its distributors or executives.

    There are multiple compensation plans in existence and it includes Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Board Plan, Hybrid MLM Plan and many more.

    Calculation of payouts or other bonuses to its members become more complex as the compensation plan varies. It all should be done manually.

    But installing an efficient MLM software might help you in fixing such issues!

    Oops! We actually got deviated a little bit from the topic. We will come back to the Binary MLM plan now.

    A Binary MLM Plan consists of mainly two legs: a Left leg and a Right leg. A sponsor can only have an immediate downline of only two people below him or her. Every new member will be placed under the sponsor’s Left or Right Leg depending upon availability of the space.

    So what happens when a sponsor recruits new third member?

    Well he will be placed under the next available position in the left leg or Power Leg. And this concept is called Spillover.

    Explore more to know How does Binary MLM Plan Works

    Bonuses that a distributor gets under the Binary compensation plan are as follows:

    • Sponsor bonus
    • Matching bonus

    Easily calculate the commission structure of Binary MLM Plan using Binary MLM Calculator

    Some Benefits of Binary MLM Plan

    • You can make returns from the success of your Upline.
    • The payout limit is unlimited.
    • It works more like a team game. The sponsors will be actively involved for the growth of their downline.
    • The upline will be helping to build the other leg.

    #2. Matrix MLM Compensation Plan

    A Matrix MLM Plan has basically two parameters, it’s the width and the depth. Generally, It is represented in the form “mxn”, where ‘m’ is the width of the matrix and ‘n’ is the depth of the matrix. The mostly common Matrix Plans are of the order 3×7, 4×7, 5×7, 3×9 and 2×12.

    This plan provides you immense earning possibilities as compared to the Binary MLM Plan.

    It can be explained as, in a 4×7 Matrix Plan, you can add only 4 members as his immediate downline, and the level can go up to 7 levels, which the compensation will be provided for.

    Using Matrix MLM Calculator calculate the profit and loss of Matrix MLM Software

    Benefits of Matrix MLM Plan

    • It provides higher money earning opportunities.
    • The Matrix Plan allows you to grow unlimitedly or rapidly, which mostly the other compensation plans do not allow. earning income of you will be increasing as the number of new members also grow.
    • Here, once you have filled your frontline distributors, then you can shift your focus to other areas like developing your front line executives into the posts of higher priority like leaders or more.
    • Binary Vs Matrix MLM Compensation Plan – A Comparison

      Binary MLM Plan vs Matrix MLM Plan

      1. Pay : Matrix MLM Plan pays more in comparison to Binary MLM Plan.

      2. Implementation : Since the Binary MLM plan involves bilevel distribution of members, implementation is quite easier than the Matrix MLM plan.

      3. Downline expansion : Downline expansion is easier in case of Binary MLM plan due to the Binary layout.

      4. Downline structure : The down line structure of Binary MLM plan is different to that of Matrix MLM plan.

      Matrix MLM plan consists of multiple legs in which members are placed according to the parameters (width and height).

      5. Downline Matching : Downline matching is not essential in case of Binary MLM plan whereas it is essential in the case of Matrix MLM plan.

      6. Downline recruitment : In case of Binary MLM plan, a sponsor cannot influence the downline recruitment since the concept is that of Binary.Since the Matrix MLM plan has the concept of spillover, a sponsor can influence the downline recruitment to an extent.

      7. Teamwork : Matrix MLM Plan is dependent on the teamwork of the entire network while this does not influence the Binary MLM Plan.

      Have a quick glance to know the major difference between Binary vs Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan


      When comparing Binary vs Matrix MLM Compensation Plan, Both the Binary MLM Plan and Matrix MLM Plan has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

      Choose the one which you feel suits to your MLM companies working structure!

      Planning to build an MLM software to manage your MLM business? Check out free MLM Software Demo before buying one!

    Network Marketing Opportunities in Australia

    Network Marketing Opportunities in Australia

    MLM Companies in Australia

    Network marketing is a real business opportunity in anywhere in this World, not only in Australia!

    Well, but here we will be concentrating on the region of Australia in specific, since this blog focuses on the MLM companies in Australia.

    Why the entire world is so interested in the network marketing sector? Well there might be so much potential hidden under the direct selling industry. Even the business stalwarts like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett have come openly in praise for this wonderful industry.

    We will look into some of the top network marketing companies in Australia.

    Top MLM Companies in Australia – Network Marketing opportunities Australia

    There are a lot of direct sales companies in Australia and usually the people who plans to join the network marketing industry will be a little doubtful about the credibility of the companies. One should be really careful, before joining an MLM opportunity.

    And here are some of the top network marketing opportunities in Australia.

    #1. USANA

    Usana the direct selling company began its operations in the year of 1992. The main products they deal with are health supplements which have really good reviews across the world. The products sold by them were mostly developed by Dr. Myron Wentz who is an expert in infectious diseases. He gives prime importance for the nutrition. Their major products include multivitamins and antioxidants, protein shakes, and products for weight loss, skin care and other personal care products.

    Usana also provides the delivery of skin care and personal products. You can also earn commissions and bonuses form the selling of their products. Also when we recruit new members. They have been around the business for quite sometime now. And you can trust the company for its genuineness.

    #2. MODERE

    Modere was previously named as Neways and was active in the industry for more than 20 years. But then it was relaunched under the title of Modere in the year 2014. The products include in their category includes personal care and skin care, anti-aging, weight loss and nutritional supplements and even the household cleaning items. Their products are of high quality and in much demand among the customers. The products of Modere are packed in some really nice boxes which are attractive and trendy, so that it alone attracts a lot of customers!

    You will be required to purchase a certain amount of products every month to be eligible for commission. It’s also follow the same format of other MLM companies. You will be earning a commission for recruiting new people to your downline and from the sales they make.

    #3. IT WORKS

    It Works is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in Australia. The firm began its operations in the year of 2001 and their portfolio products include healthcare products, skin care products etc. The compensation plan offered by this MLM company is quite unique and can make some really good money if you are ready to work hard. It also includes various other bonuses.

    #4. KYANI

    Kyani was founded in the year 2005. Their major products include nutritional and health care supplements. Some of their major products include Kyani Sunset, Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Nitro and Kyani Nitro Xtreme. All their products are fine in terms of quality, and pricing. To join the firm as an affiliate one should buy a package form the ones provided by the company. You can earn retail commission from the products you sell, and also you will be earning a commission if you recruit more people to your downline as well as from the sales generated by your downline affiliates.


    Organo Gold is relatively a new network marketing company compared to its competitors in Australia. They promote the products which mainly consists of a highly medicinal value herb named the Ganoderma Lucidum which are used by the Chinese since olden days. Its is believed that they are rich in antioxidants. And their most of the products from coffee powder to skin care products are rich in with this medicinal herb. One of the major attractions of their products are that they are both useful and reasonably priced.

    You should opt for a starter package or even a higher package to be a member of this MLM opportunity. Also, they offer some special bonuses to motivate its independent business owners and thus keep the business growing. One of the positive things about the network marketing business is that as the business of its affiliates expand so does the business of the whole firm and both of them will be having benefit.

    Get the best MLM Software to rocket boost your MLM Business

    Network marketing is a tremendous business opportunity and determining the right system to build your opportunity is necessary for long term growth. The above mentioned Top MLM Companies in Australia will help you to find out the network marketing business opportunities

    Summing Up

    Network Marketing has been around the corner for sometime now. And it will be definitely staying strong from 100 years from now! It is estimated that there are multiple direct selling companies in Australia that generate almost 20 Billion US Dollars of sales per year!

    There are both genuine as well as illegal companies working out there. So always keep updated and choose the one that you feel is perfect for your growth in all terms!

    Younique MLM Review- Some Facts Before You Join

    Younique MLM Review

    Younique MLM Review

    Younique: An Overview

    Company Name: Younique
    Type: Private
    Industry: Multi Level Marketing
    Founded: 2012
    Founders: Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft
    Head Quarters: Utah, USA
    Products : Beauty and Cosmetic Products
    Website: www.youniqueproducts.com

    What is Younique?

    Younique is a network marketing company that deals with the manufacturing and selling of main beauty and cosmetic care products, like eyelashes, skincare products, etc.

    Their stated mission is to “uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe, helping a global family of women realize their potential for personal growth and financial reward.”

    They claim that they want to give all the women out there an opportunity to empower themselves both personally as well as financially by marketing the Younique products, which are exclusively made for the women.

    Build your business with best MLM Software to eliminate all your Network Marketing problems

    Younique Product Line

    Their product line mainly comes under the category of make-up products, and hence all of their independent business owners are females. They sell products made for women or the ones that usually women use in their daily lives.

    We’ll listing out all their products will be needing a completely new blog. So instead we will just some of their product categories and ones that come under this category.

    • Perfumes
    • Eyes: Eyeliners, Mascara, Eyelashes, Lash Serums, etc.
    • Lips: Lip Balms, Lipsticks, Lip exfoliators, etc
    • Face: Face Primers, Setting sprays, Setting powder, etc.
    • Skin: Moisturizers, Creams, Mask, Cleansers, etc.
    • Beauty Care Tools: Eye brush sets, Lip Brush, Palette, etc.
    • Collection & Sets

    The above given are some of the major products categories they deal with. The product they are really proud of their premier product is called Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.

    They have actually put in a lot of effort to develop and market this product. They claim that it is made from 100% green tea fibers. But there has also been some controversies regarding this. In the internet, various sources have mentioned that their Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes are made up of ground-up nylon, which is obviously not natural.

    How To Make Money With Younique?

    Just like any other MLM company you can earn money through Younique MLM company also in two ways:

    1. By selling their products at retail prices, which will be provided to you at wholesale prices.

    2. Recruiting more people under your downline and thus earn bonuses.

    How to Get Started With Younique?

    To get started, you will be needing to pay a fee of $99, where you will provide with their Presenter Kit (Starter Kit).

    The things included in the Starter Kit includes:

    1. Some basic cosmetic product samples like eyeliners, Mascara, lipsticks, etc.
    2. A detailed catalog about their products and other marketing materials.
    3. Virtual Marketing Tools and a personal website for your customers to buy the products.
    4. Youniversity Training Academy ( A special training program which is specially designed for the beginners)

    One of the positives of the Younique MLM company is that it comes with certain basic products, which most of the other MLM companies do not provide.

    In those ones, you will have to buy their products additionally apart from the Starter Kit price.

    The Starter Kit provided by Younique is more than enough to start your own Younique business.

    Younique Compensation Plan

    Younique Compensation Plan also follows the pattern of almost all the other network marketing companies. You will be needing to conquer various ranks or positions.
    You enter the Younique business with a White Status and you can reach till the Black Status, which is shown in the picture given down below:

    Image Source : Younique Products

    The idea is simple, the higher the rank you possess, the commissions and bonuses you earn will also be the better.In the picture above, you can notice that the retail commission percentage starts at 20 % for the ones in the White category and it improves as your status advances. The maximum retail commission percentage that you can earn on retail sales is 30%.
    Now the thing that comes to your mind may be how to advance your status?

    Well, it’s simple. The thing you have to do is to sell more products and recruit more people to your downline. The status which you holds will be determined by the sales volume you create as well as your downline’s sales volume.

    How Much Are Younique Presenters Making?

    One of the best ways to make a better understanding of the business opportunity provided an MLM firm is to look at the already signed up members of the program.

    Are they really doing good money?

    According to the information collected from the talented ladies club, Younique business owners are only making less than $14 per month, which is really not a great figure.

    Also, we made research from our side so that we get a better outlook about them.
    And we could find out the given below details.

    2016 Younique Financials

    Revenue Presenter Incentives Presenter % Paid
    $ 395,881,049.00 $ 87,349,881.00 22.06 %

    From the table above we can find that the Presenters were paid about 22.06 % of the revenue created by the company.

    Younique compensation plan offers up to 48% as commission, only less than half of it was paid. It may not be the fault with the company. The main reason behind it is that most of the independent business owners never made it past the White Entry Level rank.

    Younique has almost 10,00,000 independent business owners around the world right now. And when calculated it tells us that on an average each presenter receives around $87.39 as commission or bonus for the entire year of 2016.

    Well, they might have fewer presenters during that time. So let us estimate that they had half a million presenters. So then the average annual income for Younique Presenters will be around $175.

    The system offers financial rewards, but only on an average rate. The truth is that Younique presenters are making less than 4 Dollars a week.


    Younique is definitely a great network marketing firm and the findings show that they will still hold strong in the future too with the products they deliver. But as an MLM enthusiast who wishes to reap the best benefits from this company would require some real hard work and dedication. It would not be an easy walk!

    List of Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Softwares

    Top 10 affiliate marketing softwares

    Top 10 affiliate marketing softwares

    Are you planning to make it big in the Affiliate Marketing Business?

    Well how do you choose the best Affiliate Marketing Software for your business?

    Grow your business with referral marketing using MLM Affiliate Software

    Since, there are a lot of Affiliate Marketing Softwares out there in the internet. So how to know the best ones.

    Anyways, we have prepared out a list of top 10 Affiliate Marketing Softwares, so that it helps you to choose the ones which will be really helpful for your business.

    List of Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Software

    #1. ShareASale


    ShareASale has carved a niche for themselves in providing really wonderful performance marketing solutions. They have almost 18 years of experience in delivering fast and efficient tools which yield accurate results for the clients.ShareASale are simply the leaders in structuring campaigns to developing ads and data feeds. ShareASale would the best option if you are planning to build and grow your affiliate program. It costs around $650. They also deducts a recurring amount on the basis of the sales that you gain every month.


    • Clickstream Attribution:

      The customers can check on your link so many times, but buy the product only once. To understand the special behaviour of the buyer, ShareASale provides the option of timestamp data. ShareASale also supports the process of creating your own commissions based on the various situations, so that it encourages a specific behaviour among your target audience.

    • Real Time Tracking:

      They provide the necessary details like at what time the link was clicked, when the sale occurred, etc. on real time basis.

    • StoresConnect:

      If you are the owner of multiple stores across different places then ShareASale will be really advantageous for you. With this software, you can run the campaigns for multiple shops under one single account. You will be getting separate reports for each of your stores.

    #2. HasOffers


    HasOffers is a cloud based affiliate marketing software, which are mainly used by large enterprises around the world. They charges a sum of $279 per month. Also they offer a free trial version of their software check whether it suits your company or not.


    • 24*7 Customer Care :

      HasOffers a 24*7 customer care support so that the customers don’t have to really wait if any issues arises with the affiliate software. They have a completely user friendly interface. Their customer support can be accessed through phone, chat or email.

    • Fully Customizable Platform

      HasOffers fully customizable platform, so that it can be customized according to your varying needs. It includes personalizing your dashboard, develop your own applications to run along with the HasOffers, etc.

    • Powerful Reporting Tools

      HasOffers provides really powerful reporting tools so that you don’t have to depend on third party tools for performing some specific functions. The other facilities included in their package include email marketing, affiliate tracking and fraud management integration.

    #3. Trackier


    Trackier Affiliate Marketing Tool provides you a lot of options which can operated from a single and user friendly dashboard. Users can reach out to any areas of the marketing campaigns. They provide data on real time basis, so that the people involved can take better decisions quickly. The API of Trackier is made in such a way that it can be integrated with different applications.


    • Central Marketing Hub:

      vNative helps to unify all the marketing resources into a single umbrella with the latest technologies and hence results in a more result oriented campaign impact.

    • Highly-Configurable Platform:

      The platform of vNative is designed in such a way that it helps to manage all your digital marketing campaigns, other marketing assets etc.

    • Can be Accessed Anytime, and Anywhere:

      The vNative has an uptime of cent percentage and hence it can be accessed from any part of the world without issues even during high traffic in your website.

    #4. ClickBank

    It is estimated that ClickBank has almost 200,000,000 users worldwide. ClickBank is an internet retailer which caters to all types of businesses, either it be be small, medium-sized or a large one. ClickBank is a completely cloud based affiliate software, and is highly responsive so that anyone can operate it from the mobile devices also. ClickBank is regarded as the most affordable affiliate marketing software that we have presently on the internet. You will be needing to pay an activation fee of $49.45.


    • Streamlined Search:

      ClickBank is one of the highly used Affiliate Marketing Software by the digital marketers and products. ClickBank allows you to find the right affiliate marketers on the basis of different filters like age, geographic area, etc. with their affiliate search tool. Also, they have a finder tool which enable the affiliates to find different products to market as well.

    • Extensive In-App Tools:

      ClickBank provides a large number of in-app tools that lets you manage and plan content marketing, lead conversions etc.

    • Detailed Reporting Functionalities:

      ClickBank offers third party reporting tool integrations and thus get a better grasp of your performance in the market.

    #5. CJ Affiliate

    CJ Affiliate

    CJ Affiliate software is a purely cloud hosted affiliate marketing software and can be run on multiple platforms like on a computer, mobile etc.


    • View Through Tracking Functionality:

      The View Through Tracking functionality helps to encourage the affiliate marketers through incentives by the use of software’s tracking technology and other reporting tools.

    • Multi-language and Multi- currency support:

      Since CJ Affiliate is a global operates in different locations of the world, it provides the feature of report activity in multiple languages and currencies.

    • Faster Lead Generation:

      CJ Affiliate has faster lead generation options, when compared to the other competitors in the market.

    #6. VigLink


    VigLink is a platform which helps both the publishers and merchants through hyperlinks, which are a main source for revenue generation.


    • Hassle Free Link Insertion:

      VigLink makes the process of inserting Affiliate links within your website content so easy. Inserting links is really easy using the VigLink Affiliate Marketing Software, since they offer an automatic link insertion feature.

    • Easy Integration:

      VigLink offers a variety of integration methods that can work across different online platforms like websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps.

    • Cutting Edge Capabilities:

      VigLink provides certain cutting edge features that no other ones deliver. They do have some wonderful tools which helps you to monitor your statistics.

    #7. AffTrack


    AffTrack mainly provides the details about the clicks that have received on your affiliate links. Moreover, it helps the different businesses in device targeting, suppression file management, invoicing, geo targeting etc.


    • Real Time Data:

      AffTrack provides real time analytics, so that it makes the manual processes like discovering, compiling data and interpreting data all automatic.

    • Mobile Interface:

      This affiliate marketing software was built with keeping in mind about the marketers, and hence it provides a mobile-friendly interface to help the entrepreneurs, executives and other persons involved in the process.

    • 24*7 Customer Support:

      Their round the clock customer support services makes sure that they are there to help you whenever you come across technical glitches.

    #8. Voluum


    Voluum is a perfect performance tracker for companies and affiliates. Their areas of service includes advertising, analytics and affiliate marketing optimization.


    • Instant Setup:

      The instant setup feature of Voluum makes it easy to install the software within a matter of few minutes. Incase if you feel any difficulty in setting up the software, their live support will be there to help you all the time.

    • Advanced Tracking Capabilities:

      Voluum offers tracking functionalities that helps in generating billions of revenue if executed out properly. Also it is in-built with anti-fraud functionalities that provides solid and secure authentication and encryption techniques.

    • Multiple Integrations:

      Multiple integration features allows you to save time and energy during checking the progress of your campaigns.

    #9. Post Affiliate Pro

    Post Affiliate Pro

    Post Affiliate Pro is another leading affiliate software which helps to track your online businesses or eCommerce websites on a real time basis. They are available in three packages, namely, Pro, Ultimate, and Network Packages and their prices are $97, $197, and $477 respectively.


    • Direct Link Tracking:

      Majority of the customers does not click on links on reviews, if they understands that these are affiliate links. As a solution for this issue, Post Affiliate Pro follows a direct link tracking feature.

    • Multi-Tier Commissions:

      In affiliate marketing, providing your partners a fair compensation is a very much necessary factor for the success of your campaign. And hence in Post Affiliate Pro, it provides multi-tier commissions.

    • Innovative User Interface:

      Post Affiliate Pro provides a completely user friendly and innovative user interface which enables you to make mass payments, quick reports, map overlays, and much more.

    #10. Affise


    Affise would be perfect fit for performing your affiliate marketing operations. It’s a completely cloud hosted solution, which can be accessed through Windows as well as Mac. Their monthly subscription plans ranges from $299 to $499. They also provide a free trial version for the benefit of their customers.


    • Versatile Affiliate Marketing Platform:

      Affise would be a perfect fit for you business, despite of their size. It’s API is developed in such a way that it merges perfectly with third party applications.

    • Simplified Payouts:

      Affise supports multiple currencies and different payout procedures. So that it makes much easier to release the payout the affiliates’ commission in a more accurate manner.

    • Smart Targeting Tools:

      The Smart Targeting Tools of the Affise Affiliate Software helps to increase your conversion rates. It does not matter if you want to streamline your campaign on the basis of device model, Internet Service Provider, Operating System, or Location, Affise Affiliate Software would be your perfect fit!

    How to make money through affiliate marketing is a question many new people ask themselves when they first come online searching for a new business. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money without having your own product. There is something very attractive about the concept of earning residual money online from affiliate marketing.

    Make use of any of the mentioned top 10 Affiliate marketing software’s that will help to automate your business.


    Choose the one which you feel would be the best for your business from the above given list of Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Softwares. All of them are some of the best ones. And if you have any more additional suggestions or comments regarding the same, drop it down below!

    The Truths and Myths About Network Marketing

    truth and myths about Network Marketing

    truths and myths about Network Marketing

    When the salesperson knocks our door to sell his company product, many times we look through the window and express our attitude towards marketing that now we don’t need the product. This shows how far we believe the guy or the product or the company.

    Most of the time the salesperson will not get a chance to explain his product. We always feel that the salesperson is here to flatter us to make a sale and we always think twice whether to hear him or to avoid him.

    This misconception about networking still exists in our country. People misunderstand about network marketing that it is not worth for money and it is totally waste of time and effort of ours to make money for the marketing company. They generally have an attitude that there is no benefit for us even if we work hard to earn the profit rather the company earns a profit with our effort for any sale to happen.

    In this article, will see some myths about Network Marketing and will also see the truth behind all the myths which will help you to come out of those misunderstandings or misbeliefs of Network Marketing.

    The Truths & Myths About Network Marketing

    Below is the list of myths about Network Marketing and will discuss the truth behind each and every myth.
    Myth #1. Organizational structure is an illegal pyramid structure
    Myth #2. Only the topmost person will make a profit.
    Myth #3. Network Marketing utilizes people for their business.
    Myth #4. Network Marketing will not work out.
    Myth #5. It reaches a saturation point.
    Myth #6. Never get rich through Network Marketing
    Myth #7. Overpriced products are promoted and no big demand for it.

    Myth #1. Organizational structure is an illegal pyramid structure.

    There is a slight difference between an illegal pyramid structure and permissible MLM business. People often misunderstand permissible MLM business with an illegal pyramid structure.
    Here an illegal pyramid structure, they make use of your money to recruit the downlines. They simply want you to make more distributors without offering more profit to you.But in permissible MLM business, the main theme is to sell their product directly or indirectly to the customers by offering some commission rates for the distributors.

    The owners, as well as the distributors, gain profit in this MLM business. In most of the US countries, an illegal pyramid structure in MLM business is banned. So people still have that feel that all permissible MLM business still follows an illegal pyramid structure. Be it any private or government organization it follows basically a pyramid structure like the highly authorized person will be on the top and the middle-level management will report under the top person and working employees will be reporting under middle-level management. So basically, it follows pyramid structure.

    Truth :- Look into the MLM business not into the structure to decide whether it yields a profit.

    Myth #2. Only the topmost person will make a profit.

    People are interested in network marketing only for this that only the topmost person will make a profit. This myth shows that only the owner of the business or the CEO or President makes the profit out this network marketing. We cannot always say ” yes it is true”. Really we cannot blindly accept that no one else will earn money through network marketing.

    Not only the main distributors the downlines also make a profit with their efforts and need to more trained and focussed about the business to earn more money. It totally depends on how you promote the business or product to earn the commission or profit whether you joined newly into the team or joined years ago.

    Truth:- We have to put our own efforts to make money for any kind of business.

    Myth #3. Network Marketing utilizes people for their business.

    When people misunderstand about its structure and the profit they obviously get into the confusion that Network marketing simply utilizes people for their business.Simply having more potential recruits will not guarantee you to success. You need to consistently provide your time and support for the business to see the change. People think that we need to talk to friends and family and make use of them for this business which they don’t like sometimes. Network Marketing is not simply making use of only your friends or family.

    Truth:- The real fact is that for any business you may need to advertise or promote the product or service to the maximum and of course it is not limited to family and friends or not just simply making use of them.

    Myth #4. Network Marketing will not work out.

    As you have already seen the above myths it indirectly relates to this myth that Network Marketing will not work out for everyone. For any business, you need to sincerely invest your time and effort and if not, sure it is going to put you down. It does not mean that the business will not work out for anyone.

    Network marketing business may not suit some people who do not want to invest their more efforts into the business. Not only in Network Marketing they cannot succeed in any business.

    Truth :- Hard work is key to success for any type of business.

    Myth #5. It reaches a saturation point.

    Reaching a saturation point in network marketing is highly impossible. Daily new customers are into the market to buy some innovative product and daily the population count is getting updated with the newborns. The way you do marketing is important and it is not based on your product.

    For example, Almost everyone is having T.V, refrigerators, mobile phones nowadays. Does it make any organization like electronic manufacturers to stop their business? No.

    The customers always look for an updated version or high-quality product. So they decide to have a change in their product by buying the new one. In this way, old customers will continue to be your customers and new customers are daily born.

    Truth:-Reaching a saturation point in any business market is not possible until there is always a new customer born and old customer looks for a change of product.

    Myth #6. Never get rich through Network Marketing.

    We cannot always accept this myth that we can never get rich through Network Marketing. Getting rich means it depends upon the individual’s perception. For some getting rich is reaching the goal, for others, it might be earning more profit than other members of the business.

    In any business getting rich involves your consistent effort and time. Need to be more focussed and self-trained about the business and the products. Similarly, in Network Marketing getting rich is possible by getting free from debts and comfortable you can sit at home and do this business part-time to improve your income.

    Truth:- You can be stabilized with your financial profit or income.

    Myth #7. Overpriced products are promoted and no big demand for it.

    Most of the people misunderstand that in Network Marketing they end up selling overpriced products where there is no big demand for the products. However, in legitimate MLM business, they promote high-quality products which are worthy and customers request for the new orders only if they really like the product. They try to rebuy the product for its quality so sometimes the price is inflated depending upon the demand and supply.

    If there is more demand, the supply will be decreased. In order to meet customer requirements, the price is increased. So it is totally not acceptable that the overpriced products are sold when there is no big demand for it.

    Truth:-Only if there is demand the prices are inflated to meet the quality of the product.


    Hope you all came to know about the Truth and Myths about Network Marketing in this article. This will surely help you to start or join the Network Marketing business by isolating all the Myths and by following all the truth about Network Marketing. Finally, you need to invest your consistent time and effort for any successful business. How you do marketing is really important than what business you do. Some lethargic people have the attitude that Network Marketing is not a good business to start with and they came up with all these Myths. Hope now all the Myths regarding Network Marketing are flushed out of your mind.